10 Reasons to Attend

1. Practical Dermatology – All in One

ISA 2017 offers a compact and comprehensive overview of current international standards
and practice – covering the entire spectrum of dermatology. 90% of ISA 2015 participants
stated that the conference was relevant or highly relevant to their educational needs.

2. Journey Around the World

Global perspectives by an international faculty provide an exciting and challenging
variety of therapeutic approaches – keep up-to-date with what is happening around the world.

3. Learning by Doing

Numerous practical courses provide opportunities for participants to obtain hands-on
experience: 82% of ISA 2015 participants stated that the conference was relevant or highly
relevant to their daily practice.

4. Face to Face Encounters

Meet-the-Expert Sessions offer interactive platforms for participants to listen to
and question experts from around the world.

5. Build your Network

The entire congress, due to its location and structure, offers unique networking
opportunities – 95% of participants at ISA 2015 confirmed that the meeting was useful
for networking and collaboration

6. Fine-tune your Skills

Master Classes address key topics in depth, providing an overview of the current
state-of-the art treatment options, highlighting gold standards, and presenting the
latest devices and therapeutic products.

7. Global and yet Local

International Dermatological Societies will have the opportunity to meet and
discuss the developments of dermatology relevant to their regions and expand on
collaborative projects

8. Recommendation and Support

ISA 2017 enjoys the endorsement of renowned international and national
dermatological organisations

9. Filling the Gaps

ISA 2017 provides a complimentary platform to local national meetings

10. Information Platform

Leading manufacturers and cosmetic firms will participate in the meeting presenting their
latest products and devices alongside each other